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Storm services

The threat of severe weather, from tropical depressions to category 5 hurricanes, in Southwest Florida is very real and demands serious consideration. As property owners, we must consider the possible damages from wind, heavy rain, and flooding these systems may have on our property and prepare accordingly. Due to the unpredictable nature of these storms it is important to be prepared well in advance of their arrival. Total Home Services can help by providing some guidelines to aid in your preparations and we are available to assist with your needs as described below:
For property left unattended during severe storm season:
To ensure your home is protected, it is recommend that “Pre-Storm” severe storm preparation services be performed just prior to departure or prior to the beginning of severe storm season (June 1).


For permanent residents or owners who choose to wait for scheduling:

All services are scheduled upon request. We recommend that arrangements for “Pre-Storm” services be made as far in advance as possible to avoid scheduling difficulties. Due to availability and the time constraints inherent with these storms, “Pre-Storm” service arrangements will be made on a “first-come, first-serve” basis and scheduling/completion can not be guaranteed.




Total Home Services is not responsible for any damages.

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