Lawn & Landscape Services

Total Home Services "All Star" Lawn Crew has been recognized by

the US COMMERCE ASSOCIATION as the "Best of Marco Island" in the Lawn and Grounds Maintanence category.

We take particular pride in that client properties have been featured in the exclusive MARCO MAGAZINE. 



Option 1 - Full Service Lawn Maintenance Plan

  • Cut grass, edge flowerbeds and hard surfaces, blow clippings.
  • Spray flowerbeds for accessible weeds where over-spray will not damage plants.
  • Visible sprinkler heads kept clear of overgrowth.
  • Trimming of shrubs.
  • County dump fees and hauling of debris based on size of load.

Option 2 - Seasonal Lawn Maintenance Plan

  • Lawn service performed weekly during fast growth months.
  • Lawn service performed every-other week during slow growth months.
  • Cut grass, edge hard surfaces and flowerbeds, blow clippings and spray accessible weeds in beds.
  • Visible sprinkler heads kept clear of overgrowth.
  • Shrub trimming - Optional.

Other Options - Budget Lawn Maintenance Plans

  • Lawn service provided every other week all year.
  • Lawn service provided when requested


Landscape and Lawn Services

"No Job to Small or to Big"

We specialize in installations and gardening to meet the budet and taste of all Marco Island home owners.

Other Landscape Services

Rehabilitating lawns, shrubs and trees is an excellent way to save costs instead of major relacement.  Let us evaluate your property and make cost effective suggestions.


Recommended Complete pest control & fertilizer program for your lawn, trees and shrubs:

  • Lawn Fertilization.
  • Tree and Shrub Fertilizer.
  • Lawn & Shrub Insect Control.
  • Lawn Broadleaf Weed Control.
  • Applications by licensed Pest Control Contractor.


  • Trim shrubs with proper mechanical equipment or hand prune as needed.
  • Thoroughly clean up debris.
  • Haul debris to county dump.

Irrigation Maintenance Program

Budget Options:

  • Quarterly Service
  • Customized Schedule to Meet Client Needs

Service Visits Include:

  • Check and adjust sprinkler clock timer according to City regulations.
  • Sprinkler heads individually inspected for operation and coverage.
  • Appropriate repairs, adjustments and replacements made as needed


  • Purchase, deliver and install mulch for flower beds and planting areas. Select your mulch color to compliment your home color and plant selection.  Available in natural brown, chocolate brown, red, and gold.  Pine Straw is an option.

General Labor

  • Hand weeding.
  • Gardening.
  • Plantings.
  • Sod replacement.
  • Sea wall depressions filled.
  • Clean up projects.
  • … etc.

Lot Mowng

  • Monthly service based on City requirements.

Coconut tree innoculation for lethal yellow disease

  • Quarterly service.