Absentee Homewatch Services

Home watch checklist includes:

  • Check operation of A/C, humidistat, garbage disposal and refrigerator, check for signs of water leaks, pest infestation, mold and mildew, signs of occupancy or vandalism, security of doors and windows, ensure that the water is shut off to the house.

Per Service Plan

         Select the frequency: Weekly, Every-other week or Monthly.

Absentee Homewatch Services

Advanced Payment Discount Plan

  • 5% discount when 6 consecutive months of weekly services are paid for in advance.

Closing Service (upon departure)

  • Automatically performed unless instructed otherwise or already done by owner: Turn off water to house, set a/c , unplug or turn off breaker to the water heater, cover toilets with plastic-wrap unplug washer and dryer and shut off water to washer(if accessible), turn off ice machine and empty ice bin, check security of doors.
  • Let us know if you need exterior furniture and any other items secured inside.

Opening Services -(UPON REQUEST)


  • Just let us know when you are arriving and we can have your home ready (as if you never left!). We can turn everything back on, clean, do windows, pressure wash, and even stock the refrigerator. Give us a list and consider it done.